Address: Industrial Road, Longyan City, Fujian Province, No. 68, Industrial Park, Long states the standard two-story factory
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Service tenet: "prompt, professional, sincere, thoughtful"
There is no best, only better. Rui Hong perhaps can not be truly "perfect", Rui Hong will still be "perfect service" as the company’s business strategy and services, and efforts to pursue the highest goal. Hope that the high standards and continuous efforts and improvements to bring more value to customers and enjoy.
Service is an important manifestation of value, in the "complete program, perfect service" concept under the guidance of Ray Hung introduced in the customer ordered service plan. We always implement the "timely, professional, sincere, thoughtful," the principle of service, in product selling, sell, implement the perfect after-sale service, so that the value of the product in the hands of users by maximizing the expression of highly meticulous care to users .
We also welcome you to supervise our service behavior and service quality!
Address: Fujian Long Industrial Park, # 7 State House second floor of the south side of standard factory
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